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How to Prepare Your Device

In order to process your device, please follow these instructions before you send it to us.


Turn off device tracking (Apple) or device protection (Android).

For Apple Devices

  1. Find and tap "Settings"

  2. Tap iCloud from the menu

  3. If "Find My" is on, switch the slider to turn it off.

For Android Devices

  1. Open "Settings" and select "Accounts"

  2. You will see all the Google emails that are linked to your device. Select the first one and select "Remove Account".

  3. Repeat step 2 until all Google Accounts have been removed from your device.

Acceptance of your device quote depends on any Activation Lock being turned OFF.


Deactivate your service, and pay any remaining balance.

You must contact your carrier to terminate service and pay any remaining balance before sending your device to us. We cannot accept devices that have not been paid off.


Unlock your device.

Make sure to remove any password protection or lock screen before sending your device. Leaving it locked could delay processing and payment.


Backup and erase data.

We suggest you first backup all photos and files, then erase all data from your phone. If your device contains an SD or SIM card please remove it.


Send only the device quoted.

Send only the device you were quoted for. We cannot pay you for additional devices sent.

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