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The Perfect Site to Sell Your Tech
💰 Cash for All Your Devices or Recycle for FREE 💻

Old device?
New benefit.
Sell Your Electronics.
Quick and Easy.

Get an Instant Offer

Simply describe your device, upload pictures and submit.

Ship it for Free

Accept an offer and send us your device. We send you a pre-paid shipping kit for hassle-free shipping.*

*Buyer is responsible for return shipping if price is not agreeable.

Get Paid Fast

Choose PayPal, Venmo, or check. We will inspect your device as soon as we receive it so you can get paid quickly.*

*Quotes are subject to change if the item received does not match the description.

How It Works

How much is your device worth?

(Laptops, smartwatches, phones, tablets and anything else

with a power cord or battery)


About Us

Free Shipping.

30-Day Price Guarantee.

Quick & Easy Payment.

At Sell Your Tech, we want to make selling your pre-owned electronics as simple as possible. We send the mailer, pay the postage, and get you money quickly.

Sell Your Tech (also known as CoronaBuyBack during 2020) enables consumers to sell their retired devices for extra cash. Millions of people have been quarantined with time to clean out their closets or desks, discovering unused tech that could be turned into much-needed income.

Powering the process is Sunnking, where we are focused on reducing the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills and promoting the responsible reuse, repair, and recycling of unwanted electronic equipment.

We have been at the forefront of the recycling industry for over 20 years and continue as electronics pioneers of the recycling frontier. We provide superior services to businesses and residents and use proven techniques that maximize asset value, promote environmental sustainability, and meet data sanitation requirements.

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